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Machine Vision & Photoelectric Detection

Machine vision is a comprehensive discipline of measurement and automation of optoelectronics, using optoelectronic means instead of the human eye to make measurements and judgments. With the advent of the intelligent manufacturing era, the high precision, high efficiency, data connectivity and replacement of human-machine vision products will bring tremendous value to customers. According to  many years of professional advantages, we provide the customers with the most cost-effective structured lasers/ line lasers for machine vision, and provide customized machine vision system services on requests.


Automobile Micro-electronics
Production Food inspection
Squeeze measurement Glass inspection
Medical treatment Outline inspection
Transportation Depth inspection
Wood processing plant Surface defect detection
Steel production Line-array camera lighting


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  ◆ Structured Laser/ Line laser for Machine Vision


High Performance Line Laser

Precision fringes, uniform power distribution, clear edges. Improved machine vision application imaging rate and accuracy.

Focus Adjustable Portable Line Laser

Small size, light weight, easy integration, focus adjustable, uniform power distribution and good environmental adaptability.

Economic Line Laser

Uniform power density distribution, high straightness, the smallest line width 40um.

Diffraction Patterns

Uniform power density distribution, viewfinder, square grid, multiline, viewfinder(circle+cross), uniform round, multi rings etc.

  ◆ Machine Vision Systems


LP-S5050 Laser Thread Sensor

Measure and scan any contour size (height difference, width, angle, radius, appearance, etc.) and defect detection.

LT-1312 Laser Displacement Sensor

For long-range red hot metal ranging, displacement or position of the precise and stable measurement.

KT-300 Seam Tracking Sensor

Automatic tracking of welding gun and arc seam level and height position, fast precision welding.
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